Frequently Asked Questions

Q / Can I get a quote for a BombRisk assessment?

A/ For sites of less than 50 hectares a standard preliminary BombRisk assessment costs £175 + VAT.
For sites over 50 hectares please contact us for a competitive quote.

Q / Do I get a VAT receipt?

A/ No, but when you order a BombRisk assessment you receive an email confirming the order.
This email contains a VAT number for tax reporting purposes.

Q / Is it possible to be invoiced?

A/ Yes, please contact us if you would like an invoice.

Q / Do you cover the whole of the UK?

A / BombRisk covers England, Scotland and Wales. Where available, detailed bomb strike and damage maps are included with each assessment.

Q / Are there discounts for ordering more than one assessment?

A / Yes, choose BombRisk Pro for multiple assessments, or contact us for a bespoke solution.

Q / What is the difference between a preliminary and detailed UXO risk assessment?

A / BombRisk provides a preliminary UXO assessment which considers a range of risk factors.
The results of a BombRisk assessment may recommend that a detailed UXO risk assessment be undertaken.

“The purpose of the preliminary risk assessment is to enable the non-UXO specialist to place a site in context with the potential risk from UXO and to identify whether more detailed assessment is required. The assessment is based on data obtained from a desktop review of historical information regarding site location, previous site development, wartime bombing records etc.”

Source: CIRIA, 2009. Unexploded ordnance (UXO). A guide for the construction industry.

Q / Is BombRisk in accordance with CIRIA C681?

A / Yes. BombRisk is the preliminary UXO assessment described and recommended in the UXO risk mitigation guidelinesdrawn up by CIRIA for the construction industry.

Q / A BombRisk assessment has identified the need for a detailed UXO risk assessment, how do I obtain a quote?

A / Contact us to obtain a quote for a detailed UXO risk assessment. We will need the reference number from your original BombRisk assessment. When you order a detailed assessment we automatically deduct the cost of the BombRisk report. This reduces the cost of your detailed assessment by £175.

Q / I have a question not listed here?

A / No problem, please contact us and we will do all we can to help you.

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