4,500 evacuated in Germany after 250kg bomb found


Following the intensive bombing campaign over Germany by the Allied forced during WWII, another large unexploded bomb has been found today in Bavaria.

During a planned detonation of a 250kg high-explosive bomb today in Regensburg, Bavaria, over 4,500 residents have been temporarily forced to evacuate. Just after 4.40am on Wednesday 24th April 2019, the unexploded air-dropped munition was safely detonated remotely by the authorities.

The explosion caused blast damage to the surrounding buildings, smashing windows and damaging fixtures and facades. 

The bomb was found during construction works on Tuesday afternoon. The authorities inspected the item and decided it was unsafe to defuse or transport, and therefore detonation in-situ was necessary. Consequently, evacuation processes were begun, and the closure of the surrounding roads was enforced.

Such incidents are not unusual in Germany. This bomb find follows several other major incidents, the most recent of which saw the discovery of another 250kg WWII bomb in the Main river in Frankfurt on Sunday 14th April 2019. This incident saw the evacuation of around 600 people.

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