WWII bomb find causes hospital evacuation in Germany


A German hospital had to evacuate coronavirus patients following bomb discovery.

Following the discovery of a 500lb WWII bomb in Germany, a hospital in Bonn was forced to evacuate.

Over 200 patients, including those seriously ill with coronavirus, were moved to safety.

The unexploded bomb was found during construction work at the Bonn University Clinic on 2nd April.

The find also sparked an evacuation of 1,200 local residents currently under German lockdown measures.

Among those evacuated from the hospital were 11 people critically ill with COVID-19.  Most of the patients were moved elsewhere in the hospital, but some were transferred to other areas.

Over 150 emergency services workers were called in for help.

The bomb was successfully diffused by authorities.

Elsewhere, SafeLane Global's German teams are continuing operations to enable critical construction work to continue.  If you're planning or engaged in intrusive works, don't take a risk with unexploded ordnance (UXO), SafeLane can insure, manage and mitigate the risk.

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