BREAKING NEWS: bomb self-detonates


Drone footage has revealed the source of a large explosion which startled the residents of Limburg, Germany, to be a WWII bomb.

Unexploded bomb left untouched since the end of WWII self-detonates in the middle of the night in Germany.

Drone footage has revealed the source of a large explosion heard over night to be a WWII bomb it which startled the residents of Limburg in Germany.

On Sunday 23rd of June 2019 many Limburg residents were startled by a large blast, reportedly so powerful that it registered as a minor earthquake.

Drone footage taken the following morning shed light on the source of the blast, revealing a crater in a nearby field, 10m wide and 4m deep.

From the outset, German police reported “no definitive indication” had been found of a suspected WWII bomb, however, bomb disposal experts later decided “with almost absolute certainty” that it was highly likely an unrecorded 250kg airdropped bomb.

These weapons are often found across Germany and the rest of Europe, due to the vast numbers of bombs dropped across the continent throughout the entirety of WWII.

SafeLane Global frequently encounters reports of unexploded bombs found in a variety of countries and environments. Germany and the UK regularly find remnants of WWII-era aerial bombing which still present a viable threat.

In this case, officials have stated that, although uncommon, it is not unheard of for detonators within these types of air-dropped bombs to decompose to the extent that the bomb detonates by itself, with no external cause.

The unpredictable nature, fragility and volatile nature of unexploded WWII bombs lying beneath our ground level characterises the threat to construction projects to this day.

Local residents have noted that a nearby railway depot was targeted by Allied bombers in the later stages of WWII, and therefore the unexploded bomb was likely dropped during these raids.

Areas local to significant military targets, such as this locality in Germany, are often more likely to have an elevated level of threat from unexploded bombs. This is also true for towns all across the UK and the rest of Europe.

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Image source: Westhessen Police

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