A short BumRisk update for a less than #FeelGoodFriday


Did you know the Bum (sorry Bomb) Squad was called when a military enthusiast in Gloucester got an item of ordnance stuck up his bottom?

There is a very serious side to the work that SafeLane does.  As an organisation, we save lives every day – it’s something we never lose sight of…

…but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some space for humour and camaraderie within the SafeLane Family.  And when the unfortunate tale of a military enthusiast from Gloucestershire was highlighted to us today, it prompted some unusual conversation threads and laughter.

Now, our BombRisk updates often focus on the strange places explosive items are found – but today is hopefully a one off, because the aforementioned military enthusiast had an item of ordnance up his bottom.

Apparently, he was moving it when he fell on it … prompting him to visit A&E for an extraction. 

Hospital staff were presumably so horrified they called the police who called 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment – hereafter known as the Bum Squad!

The Bum Squad confirmed the item was a 57mm anti-tank mortar round – that’s 57mm in diameter but a truly bottom clenching 170mm in length.

The good news is it wasn’t an explosive risk, and the military enthusiast is expected to recover.

Please don’t take a risk with any unusual item that could potentially pose an explosive threat – and to the members of the NHS, police and Bum Squad who handled this incident, you have our respect!

 (Image: Will Morgan.  Read more at Gloucester Live.)

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