Massive evacuation in Germany as fire threatens munitions warehouse


Officials fear that a wildfire raging across Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania could engulf a munitions warehouse containing WWII explosives.

Several hundred firefighters and soldiers in the north-eastern German state are battling against the largest wildfire in the region’s history, which has affected approximately 430 hectares of land (as of Monday afternoon 1/7/19).

While this is devastating enough, the threat continues to rise as the fire spreads across land previously occupied by a military training site.

The land is peppered with unexploded munitions lying underneath the top layer of earth.

As a result, specialised vehicles and helicopters are assisting firefighters, who are unable to get closer to the blaze due to the danger of further explosions.

District officials state that “the situation remains tense.”

They are focusing primarily on securing or evacuating all nearby towns and villages and keeping thousands of residents safe.

Mecklenburg’s interior minister has raised the issue of a munitions warehouse, containing both modern explosives and weapons dating back to WWII as well.

Every possible measure has reportedly been taken to secure the site...but the risk is intense at this moment in time.

This incident reminds us of the increased danger caused by the presence of explosive items still buried underground.

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