WWII grenade explodes in kitchen sink


Jodie Crews unknowlingly took UXO home from the beach, after tampering with it, it burst into flames.

 The find 

Jodie Crews and her daughter Isabella were beachcombing in Deal, Kent, when they came across an unusual looking object.  Thinking that this object was perhaps a fossil, they decided to take it home and see if they could identify what it was…

Jodie posted pictures of the item on archaeology and fossil forums, hoping to find an answer.  One evening after reviewing the comments, Jodie decided to poke the device with a pin to see if she could get some answers.

The fire 

After poking the device with a pin, it turned into a fireball.  Isabella evacuated the house and began to call on neighbours for help.  Fuelled by adrenaline, Jodie grabbed the device and threw it into the kitchen sink.  Aware that there were two dogs and four 3-week-old kittens in the house, she ran upstairs to soak a towel in water.  She then darted back downstairs to do what she could to control the flames.

Once the flames were under control, Jodie began to evacuate the animals from the house.  Working with the neighbours, 8-year-old Isabella had called the fire brigade.

Luckily, contained beneath the wet towel, the grenade burned itself out in the sink. 

Jodie has been advised to not use the kitchen taps as chemicals form the grenade may have caused some contamination.

Lessons learnt 

Isabella had asked for a metal detector for Christmas but after the fireball incident, Jodie has decided that a Nintendo Switch may be a safer gift!

Jodie has promised her friends and loved ones that they’ll be sticking to seashells from now on.

Safety first 

If you ever encounter an unidentified object, wherever it may be, always treat it with caution.  This time due to Jodie and Isabella’s quick thinking, no one was harmed.  However, this is a sombre reminded that ordnance has been designed to kill and must not be tampered with.

It has been theorised that the UXO may have washed onto the beach during recent high tides or storms.  It is impossible to determine how much UXO was discarded into the ocean during and at the end of WWII.  Never take the risk.  

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