Evacuation in Devon after hand grenade fuses left on harbour


A mass evacuation in Devon was triggered after 100 hand grenade fuses were left on the harbour.

A warning was issued by the harbour master after “potentially lethal munition” was left on a quayside at Brixham, South Devon. A mass evacuation was implemented, including a 100m cordon. Passenger ferries were diverted to the opposite side of the harbour.

108 Mills hand grenade fuses were removed by Royal Navy bomb disposal specialists, which is said to be the fifth such incident to have occurred at this harbour in two months.

Commercial fishermen and users of the harbour have been reminded to follow the appropriate guidance when suspected unexploded ordnance is found out at sea. The dumping of these items on the quayside is entirely irresponsible and could lead to very serious consequences to those who could subsequently come across them.

These types of items are often dredged up by vessels in UK waters as a result of large-scale munitions dumping following the end of WWII. Thousands of items were disposed of off the coast, but are now being discovered in their volatile state.

This can present a huge danger to anyone conducting operations or projects in the UK’s waters.

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(The scene on Brixham Harbour near the Rockfish restaurant (Image copyright : Kirsten Clarke))

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