Magnet fisherman reels in collection of ordnance


A 13-year-old from Nottinghamshire has shared with news outlets his vast collection of weapons that have been found by him during magnet fishing in UK canals and waterways.

In the last month alone, the teenager has discovered 2 unexploded grenades, two military officer’s handguns, two pistols, a revolver and a machete. All items were handed over to the police after being recovered from the River Soar, Leicester.

Since he took up the hobby, her has found five guns, 50 knives and three bombs, as well as other miscellaneous items; 55 shopping trollies, mobile phones, drug scales, safes, power tools, lawnmowers, motorbikes, etc.

On 11th August, police cordoned off a stretch of the river and contacted the bomb disposal unit when he found two WWI-era grenades. One was a German stick grenade, one a British Mills grenade, both from 1915.

Perhaps he should take up a safer hobby...

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