Explosive dangers of magnet fishing


Magnet fishing has become popular: but few people stop and think about the very real explosive dangers they are exposing themselves and others to, as the latest news reveals.

WWII grenade found under a bridge In the Leeds Liverpool Canal

In the latest explosive incident resulting from magnet fishing, Lancashire police have been called after a grenade was fished out of the Leeds Liverpool canal at Tarleton.

Magnet fishing has increased in popularity over the last few years in the UK, due to the potential - no matter how remote - of finding valuable items hidden within the waterways of Britain.

However, more and more items of ordnance are being discovered by people magnet fishing all across the country.

Whilst the discovery of a live grenade might sound exciting - the reality is the items being found by magnet fishers are unstable, volatile and dangerous.

Items such as hand grenades, mortars and shells present a significant danger, not least because they often don’t look as one might expect and can therefore be mishandled.

Items recovered from water are usually rusted, discoloured, damaged or even caked in mud - these items are deadly.  And if picked up by an unsuspecting member of the public and mishandled, the consequences could be tragic.

The grenade found in Tarleton was removed and destroyed by a controlled explosion.  It resulted in road closures, cordons and significant disruption.

Please - be careful.

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(Picture source: Rob Trowler)

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