This week UK UXO finds disrupt cars, trains and air traffic


It seems UXO alerts are a little like the proverbial bus, you wait an age for one to come along, and suddenly your inbox is inundated!

This week we’ve had roads, railways and air space across the UK closed because of unexploded ordnance…let’s take a look.

Train services disrupted by suspected unexploded ordnance (UXO)

Train services in South Wales were disrupted when builders working at a property in Rhoose Point unearthed suspected ordnance.

There were no trains running between Bridgend and Barry until the bomb squad swooped in and made safe.  Respect to the builders who didn’t take any risks and called the experts quickly.

Meanwhile, a farmer in Oxfordshire received an unusual request from Thames Valley Police.  After an 18lb shell dating back to 1915 was dug up in a garden in Bloxham, nearby farmer Mr. Cole was asked to lend a field to 11 EOD for its safe disposal.

Unfortunately, not everyone plays it safe around potentially lethal threats however – which is why we keep posting about UXO finds to remind everyone that ordnance is designed to maim and kill.

Diver in Dorset drags up a MISSILE!

A free diver was filmed pulling part of a missile from the sea near Lulworth Ranges in Dorset – which are live-firing ranges.  Clearly, they hadn’t read “why you must NOT do what Simon says when it comes to UXO.”  Whether you come across something suspicious on a walk or a swim, in your garden or on the seabed – don’t take any risks, please.

500lb bomb causes chaos in Yorkshire

And finally, the M62 and A614 were closed, a no-fly zone was established, and homes were evacuated after builders discovered a live 500lb bomb in Goole, Yorkshire.  Humberside Police and 11 EOD worked together and 29 long hours after the bomb was unearthed, a safe demolition took place.

Unexploded ordnance can be found anywhere in the UK – on construction sites, in the sea, in gardens and allotments, in rivers and canals.  It might be a legacy of WWI or WWII, or it could be from military training for example. 

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Image credit BBC.

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