WWII unexploded bombs underneath Pompeii


Pompeii was targeted by Allied forces in WWII as part of Operation Avalanche and it's highly likely it remains littered with undiscovered unexploded bombs to this day.

It is believed that 165 bombs were dropped on and around Pompeii on 24th August 1943, many of which have been identified and cleared.

However, it has been claimed that up to 10 unexploded bombs still lie beneath parts of the site which have not yet been excavated.

Archaeologists believe that the locations of these bombs need to be identified, in order to protect the rest of the Unesco World Heritage site. 

Around a third of the 170-acre site is still yet to be entirely uncovered.

Director of the Pompeii Archaeology Park stated that “under the law, before any excavations can be carried out, we must together work with military engineers to clear the site”.

Of the 44 acres of the site already scoured by military excavation teams, 96 bombs have already been diffused or destroyed by controlled explosion.

Several unexploded bombs were discovered in the 1980s, during archaeological works at the site.

Il Fatto Quotidano has published, for the first time, extensive documents from the National Photographic Archive, including a bomb plot map.

This is a reminder of just how much of Europe was affected by WWII bombing.

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