The search for unexploded ordnance in Germany


Despite the Second World War ending over seventy years ago, both Germany and Britain remain littered with uhexploded bombs and munitions. The safe search for these dangerous items is supported by BombRisk.

  • Hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped on Britain and Germany during WWII.
  • At least 10% failed to explode; many remain undiscovered, buried on land or hidden in deep water.
  • The older an unexploded bomb gets, the more volatile and dangerous it becomes.
  • Heat, shock or vibration cause detonation.
  • The lives of construction personnel, the outcome of construction projects and the commercial bottom line are all at risk from this threat.

The complexity of the risk unexploded ordnance (UXO) poses requires specialist end-to-end support from SafeLane Global to mitigate the threat and minimise the commercial impact.

Fortunately, supported by the researchers and BombRisk team in the UK, SafeLane's Germany-based operations personnel are steadfastly remediating contaminated land across Europe.

Learn more in this visual guide to some of the items of 'Kampfmitteln' (UXO) discovered in Germany.

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