More WW2 bomb finds


June has been a very busy month for SafeLane's research team working on BombRisk reports, and for its explosive ordnance disposal experts.

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WW2 bomb finds in the UK in June:

29th May 2019 – homes evacuated after unexploded shell found in back garden in Wrexham, Wales 

30th May 2019 – Homes evacuated after suspected WWII device found in Winsford, Cheshire 

3rd June 2019 – Unexploded WWII bomb discovered in Kennington, London 

7th June 2019 – Suspected WWII ordnance found in Herne Hill, London 

7th June 2019 – Unexploded WWII bomb closes roads in Kings Hill, Kent 

14th June 2019 – Primary School evacuated in Cliffe, Kent, after a pupil brings in a hand grenade 

16th June 2019 – WWII Mills grenade found in river, Maidstone, Kent 

21st June 2019 – Two suspected WWII mortars found in a garden in Lincoln

21st June 2019 – Unexploded WWII bomb found near school in Lincoln

22nd June 2019 – Bomb disposal team called to Burnley after WWII grenade found 

23rd June 2019 – Unexploded WWII shell found near Honley Woods, Yorkshire

23rd June 2019 – Police carry out ‘controlled explosion’ of WWI grenade found in Oxford

23rd June 2019 – Unexploded WWI Russian bomb found by magnet fishers in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey (we've said it before and will say it again - magnet fishing is dangerous!)

23rd June 2019 – Unexploded torpedo found in Scapa Flow, Orkney 

23rd June 2019 – Bomb Squad called in to explode WWII grenade found in canal near Loughborough

23rd June 2019 - Magnet fishers discover “military weapon” in Leicester

International ordnance finds of significance in June

5th June 2019 – 340kg wartime bomb safely disposed of in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam 

6th June 2019 – Area surrounding a construction site evacuated after UXO found in Tokyo

7th June 2019 – Three killed by UXO in Oguta, Nigeria 

8th June 2019 – WWII bomb discovered in Nigdi, India 

11th June 2019 – WWII US HE bomb found in Naha Military Port, Okinawa 

12th June 2019 – Nearly 10,000 people affected by double WWII bomb disposal near Berlin

12th June 2019 – WWII-era practice bomb found in a Florida backyard 

13th June 2019 – WWII mortar shell found between Eselborn and Weicherdange, Luxembourg 

15th June 2019 – Thousands evacuated in Berlin after WWII bomb found 

17th June 2019 – Item of white phosphorous military ordnance found on a North Carolina Beach, USA 

17th June 2019 – UXO blasts (anti-tank mine and anti-personnel mine) wound two in Oddar Meanchey & Pailin, Cambodia 

18th June 2019 – 250kg British HE bomb found in Augsburg, Germany 

20th June 2019 – Farmer finds 140 UXOs in Siem Reap, Cambodia 

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