WWII bombs found in Germany & Slovenia


Last week 36 bombs were found in Neutraubling, Germany and a 250kg bomb was found in Slovenia.

The 36 bombs were discovered by construction workers in the German town of Neutraubling. Bomb disposal engineers arrived to determine which of these were still live.

All of the unexploded bombs were still functional. Experts found and defused or detonated the items over 3 days.

One of the explosives was a 500kg bomb uncovered on a construction site in the city centre. The majority of remaining ordance was identified to be 10 kg splinter bombs.

Due to the presence of a Messerschmitt aircraft manufacturing facility, Neutraubling was subjected to multiple air raids due in WWII. As a result, there is still a significant unexploded ordnance threat today.

Thomas Rolz, the head of the Neutraubling police, confirmed to German media sources that because of the town’s history, 'you will always find something.'

However, local police have provided reassurance that a discovery of this magnitude over a 3-day period is an unusual event.

One of 36 bombs detonated in after being found int Neutraubling, Germany

A 250 kg unexploded WWII bomb has been found on a construction site near Europark, Maribor, Slovenia.

According to local media, this is not the first UXO incident in the area. Four other bombs were found during the construction of the Europark complex.

In WWII, German-occupied Maribor sustained many Allied bombing raids. During the first raid on 7th January 1944, 276 bombs dropped on the city, killing 55 people. Bombings continued from 13th October to 12th April 1945. 

The worst raid on Maribor it happened on 14th October 1944. Aproximately 560 bombs dropped on the city, killing 76 people. 

Given the scale of bombings, there remais a significant risk of encountering buried unexploded ordnance to this day - and a similar level of risk exists across large parts of the UK.

Anyone planning intrusive works, e.g., constructors planning piling works, should not underestimate the risk of encountering an explosive threat on site.

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250kg WWII bomb found in Maribor, Slovenia


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